This congress, taking place in the center of the French Alps from the 14th to the 17th of march 2021, will provide meeting and exchange opportunities to researchers, industrials and clinicians, interested in the development and the evaluation of biomaterials. 

It is co-organized by different laboratories from the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes Region, and will present the works of Prof. P. DubruelK. Schenke-Layland,C. Picart and A. Cribier, as well as L. MoroniJ. Leijten, and L. Vidal among others.


The congress will be preceeded by the 1st 'BIOMAT young scientists' day, which will take place on the 13-14th march 2021. 



With European and French speakers, this meeting will offer oral presentations and posters to the participants, adressing different topics: 

  • bioceramics

  • (bio)polymers and hydrogels

  • metals and alloys

  • composites

  • tissue engineering

  • drug delivery

  • cancer, aging

  • surface fonctionalisation

  • medical diagnostic

  • formulation process : additive fabrication, coatings, bio-inspired approach, « templating »,…

  • evaluation of biological properties, in vitro and in vivo tests

  • cell/materials and tissu/materials interactions

  • clinical evaluations,

  • biomimetism


  Aside invited talks, this event will provide a great opportunity for  young researchers (masters, Ph.D., postdocs...) to present their work.



Important notice

We are well aware of the uncertain COVID threat in the future. Although we cannot predict the situation in march 2021, All necessary measures will be set in place, to ensure that we can physically meet in the safest way possible: the maximum number of participant is limited to 140 persons; the venue will be entirely and exclusively occupied by the participants; there will be only one person per room; all sanitary measure will be in place during talks, posters sessions and meals.

The number of participants being limited (60 for the BIOMAT young researcher day, and 140 for the congress in total), a maximum number of 10 person per laboratory is applied, together with the necessity to keep a balance between young researcher (master, Ph.D, post-doc) and confirmed researchers, per laboratory (max 50 % of young researchers per laboratory).


If the sanitary situation forces us to cancel or reschedule the meeting, we will offer the possibility to the registered participants to be reimbursed or to transfer their registration to the next meeting. 

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